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Oh, hello! I am a person, and this is a website!

Seriously though. This is a website that has videos and podcasts from the tugogtdrs team, this is RACOON PRODUCTIONS! (We know we spell racoon without 2 c's) Although we could post them on Skyler decided that they needed a whole website for it! Neat, huh? Enjoy… - rover-T


Even though I'll get flame for this, I'm officially resigning from this site. bye. - Skyler


I just felt like putting a blog on this site, considering I haven't done one yet. Members of Racoon Productions have FINISHED filming Life of a "Vampire", and rover-T should be done by the end of the month. BE ANTICIPATING…even though no one will likely read this before it comes out. -Slurgly


It seems like every time I try to keep up with racoon productions, I just forget to make new updates. Anyway, episode 3 is OUT! That took a while. Oh yeah, Skyler, you gotta do some more stuff on Racoon. Also, I am now allowing anybody to add their commentaries on my abridged series. Just PM me on youtube.-rover-T


Sorry We forgot about St. Patricks day, cause that was our Spring Break. Anyway, Episode 3 has a preview, so check it out!-rover-T

2/28/09… I think…

It's been a MONTH! Seems like forever though. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that Banjo Kazooie Abridged has a temporary cancel due to a computer problem. Don't worry.-rover-T


Guess what? I have no new news. -Skyler Tratle

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