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Heeeeeeeey……… I was doing some research about abridged series and whatnought and I decided to make a page about it. First off, I'll list a few definitions for you:

Abridged - (v) Rewriting and shortening.

Machinima - (n) Any video or movie made by using a video game. This word comes form the two words machine and cinema.

Fraps - (n) A video screen recorder that captures video game play.

rover-T - (person) Soon to be a world renouned machinimator and animator.

Yep. Those are all true definitions. Other than the definitions, there are a few famous abridgers out there that I would like you to notice:

Shippiddge - Smashtasm
Nevet1212 - Zelda Abridged (WW/TP)
Adamwestslapdog - Zelda Abridged (OoT/MM)
LittleKuribo - Yugioh Abridged

They are all on youtube, so check 'em out!

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