How The Stickman Videos Started

Alright, first off, Pfargtl/Skyler Tratle created Stickman. It started out as a very unpopular comic series, with only 3 pictures per comic. The only people in his comics were Stickman and Stickdude. They used to be on however, Skyler deleted them. The reason for this is because he thought that my videos were much better. So, eventually he gave me (rover-T) the copyright laws due to a bet… I mean, due to his comics' absence. Once the Stickman videos got to be pretty good, I started to add in some new characters. These new characters were Dalel, the damsel in distress, Stickboy, the short sidekick, and Stickguy, the really cool smart guy. And that leads up to now, when the last of the new characters are coming out, as well as different seasons of the Stickman Series. So, while you're sitting there wondering what's going to happen in the future of the Stickman videos, just enjoy what we have so far.

And, if you want to know what Stickman is about in short, I'll tell you. The Stickman series is about a stickfigure with super powers that is constantly saving his damsel in distress from an evil dude. That's it in a nutshell.

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